My name is Howard Garval. I am a leadership coach and trainer for nonprofit organizations. I help organizations cultivate their future leaders. I also provide coaching to new executive directors/CEOs who have leadership experience but have never been in the lead position in their organizations. I have a passion for building healthy and supportive workplace cultures. I also have experience with executive transition and board development/governance. I believe strongly in the importance of diversity equity and inclusion (DEI).

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I am the founder and principal of Leaders 4 Futures LLC . This is my consulting business for nonprofit leaders and their organizations. For the last 8 years or so I have been mentoring and coaching nonprofit leaders to support their growth and development. After 42 years in the nonprofit sector and almost 30 years in increasingly senior leadership roles, I believe strongly in giving back by preparing the next generation of nonprofit leaders to be successful. Leadership has always been central to who I am, and I can trace back my natural gravitation to leadership back to when I was 10 years old. In my last full-time position as CEO at Child & Family Service in Hawaii, I was recognized upon my retirement by naming our leadership academy after me. This was a dream of mine to develop this academy and I was honored to leave this as my legacy after 11.5 years leading this wonderful organization in “paradise”.

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President & CEO at Child & Family Service (CFS), Ewa Beach, Hawaii
(2006 – 2017)
Responsible for overall leadership of large multi-human service nonprofit on every island in Hawaii. Led key initiatives in fundraising, strategic initiatives, performance measurement, anti-poverty work, and mergers & acquisitions. Built multiple successful collaborations with other nonprofits and led or participated in various advocacy efforts related to public policy. Helped develop multiple family centers as one-stop shops for services that were community-based. Created Howard S. Garval CFS Leadership Academy to train current and emerging leaders to be effective and successful leaders. Key leadership person on staff Diversity Committee.

President & CEO, The Village for Families & Children, Hartford, CT
(2002- 2006)
Overall leadership for large child and family serving nonprofit organization. Led fundraising and branding efforts, multiple collaborations in the community, focus on performance measurement, Diversity Steering Committee, and strategic business planning. Led grand opening of the Village Center for Community Life in South Hartford.

Executive Vice President & COO, The Village for Families & Children, Hartford, CT
(1993 – 2002)
Second in command to CEO. Responsible for all programs and coordination between programs, research department and administrative departments. Led/participated in multiple collaborations in the community with other nonprofit providers and city and state government agencies. Served as Total Quality Manager for the organization and a key leadership person on the Diversity Steering Committee.

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